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10.00 - 10.45

AI - Fear it or Embrace it?

Technologies Are Changing the Creative Landscape. What is creative AI? What is AI technology doing to the creative industry. Are there benefits in creative AI? Will AI replace creative jobs? Nick Dunmur, our leading AI creative, offers an insight into what AI is now producing and confronts questions everyone is asking.

Nick Dunmur

Nick Dunmur
Photographer | business & legal adviser for AOP | chair of BPC

Nick has been a professional photographer all his working life. Grounded in analogue, then latterly digital, has given him a comprehensive perspective of the sector and the issues of working as a professional. More recently, following a post-grad diploma in law, he has been involved in navigating the uncharted waters that are generative A.I. With a background of imagery, law and technology Nick is ideally positioned to give an insight as to how AI will develop and how it is likely to effect the visual world and those who work within this arena.

11.15 - 12.15

What is the TRUE Worth of an Image?

What’s the true worth of an image? How much does it contribute to a products success? How do you use exceptional images for powerful, brilliant impact? Our expert panel share they perspective on the impact memorable image content has made to their past and current projects. Their experiences and views reveal key insights into the kind of images that can change the world, convert audiences and drive sales

Myriam Meguarbi

Myriam Meguarbi
Senior Picture Researcher at DK (Penguin Random House)

Myriam started in the picture industry just as it was moving from print only to digital, so long enough to have seen all the transformative stages. With DK's rich illustrative content, potentially anything that exists may need to be represented visually. While her role is now more about image rights, her mind is still very much that of a researcher, with enough of these seemingly random and impossible requests to feed it new ways and ideas.

Beverley Croucher

Beverley Croucher
Picture Director
Red Magazine

Beverley Croucher has around 25 years experience in the publishing industry working as a Picture Editor and Shoot Producer. She has been in her current role as Picture Director of Red Magazine for 16 years having previously been Associate Picture Editor at Elle UK for 4 years before which she worked on various teen magazines as well as in the Creative Solutions Department at Emap Elan in the late 1990’s/early 2000’s.

Claire Woodall

Claire Woodall
Picture Editor
ITV Creative

n her role at ITV Creative, Claire is responsible for sourcing and editing engaging imagery for the broadcaster’s ITVX hub and its platform partners – including Sky, Apple and Amazon Fire. She has previously worked in on-demand content for Channel 4 and Channel 5, and enjoyed a long career in publishing, delivering shoot content for a range of national titles.

13.00 - 14.00

Buffet Luncheon

14.15 - 15.00

Know Your Rights.

What happens when things around visual rights go nuclear and get complicated? Corky Balch offers his unique insights and experience, unpacking real projects and situations to highlight the challenges, pitfalls, and work-arounds of copyright and many more surprising processes that can suddenly present themselves.

Corky Balch

Corky Balch
IP Consultant / Executive Director BAPLA
Corky Balch Consultancy

Corky is a leading UK expert on content licensing, assessing third party rights, and the implications of generative AI for intellectual property in creative industries. He held senior roles at Getty Images and Shutterstock. Currently Executive Director at BAPLA, and sits on the British Copyright Council's Copyright and Technology Working Group, and works closely with the Alliance for Intellectual Property. He’s on the Advisory Committee for the UK Government's Intellectual Property Office's IP Crime Group.

15.30 - 16.30

Living in the Solution and not the Problem

How do researchers working on books, magazines, corporate markets - with demanding visual requirements - find solutions to their daily challenges? Uncovering buried treasure, thinking light years outside the box, seeing that one different grain of sand on a beach. That’s the art and graft of image research. Join the revelation as our panel of experts shares its experiences of real projects, and reveals how the impossible can be achieved creatively, on time, and on budget.


Millie Simpson

Millie Simpson
Freelance picture editor and researcher

Millie works as a freelance picture researcher and editor. She started in editorial at The Sunday Times Magazine, and was Director of Photography for RED, Tatler and PORT. Since she has commissioned and budgeted internationally for in-house magazines, corporate annual reports, charities, the cultural sector and advertising. She specialises in sourcing and licensing of Fine Art photography and in-depth picture research for commercial and editorial usage.

Jane Smith

Jane Smith
Freelance Media Researcher
Jane Smith Media

Jane Smith has worked in the image industry for nearly 30 years, starting in the Advertising Archives and Getty images, as a creative image researcher. She managed Camera Press Archive; sourced artists and new imagery for the The Art Group. She managed a research team at Pearson Education. Jane Smith Media was established in 2010 and works for publishers through to sourcing video for projects. Jane created “The Photo Collective”, a team of freelance picture researchers, who write articles about picture sourcing in the UK.